Tuesday, November 27, 2007

American ADD

I've been a ridiculous slacker as of late and have been remiss in my blogging duties. Therefore, I've decided to pledge an entry a day for at least a week! Can I do it? Of course. I'm not promising to be the most original blogger in the sphere, but I do promise that each day a new entry will appear. Today's topic...

Ten Things We Should Care LESS About...

10. Who Killed Natalie Holloway - Seriously, people? A rich white girl from Alabama goes to Aruba for drunken graduation trip, disappears TWO YEARS AGO and we're still talking about it? Sure, the guy they think did it is cute, but how many people die from car accidents in this country each year?
9. The Middle East Peace Process - I think WE need a disengagement policy... from the entire Middle East. An area of the world arguable smaller than Texas is controlling our foreign policy? Why don't we have an African Peace Process? Let's pull out of Israel, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, and start making our gas from corn.
8. Canada's Super Currency / Our Wussy Currency - People might start buying our crap again!
7. Anne Coulter
6. Iran - see #9. I'll probably own a beach house in Boca before they get nukes.
5. Going "green" - We all know that when a company goes "green", they're still polluting just as much as they were and probably using as many resources as they were before. They just planted some trees and put up a few commercials telling us to turn out lights off when we leave the house. I'll bet you anything Al Gore uses more electricity and petroleum in a year than I do.
4. Dancing With The Stars - I have nothing to say about this.
3. Cyber Monday - we dignify the fact that people shop online at work with an actual name for the day?
2. Black Friday - either people will buy crap or they won't. It probably has more to do with whether or not they can make their mortgage payments than the %15 off sale at Macys.
1. Hillary Clinton - she's getting PLENTY of attention right now.

Ten Things We Should Care MORE about

10. China is going to the moon and wants to "mine it's riches"!
9. The Google phone
8. Our national voting process
7. The national debt - yes... again.
6. Cancer research - less people are dying!
5. The DC Tax Scandal - it's a sad state of affairs when $20 million is lost to fraud and an entire city just says says "Eh".
4. The writer's strike - what the HELL am I going to do without the Daily Show and 30 Rock? If this doesn't affect you now, it will...
3. The Republican presidential primary race - one of these crazies is going to have to go up against Hillary/Obama/Edwards. We should be paying more attention to these guys and shining the light of day on their strange pasts. If we'd only done that in 2000...
2. We can grow stem cells from skin!
1. Bees - remember this summer when the disappearance of bees for just a short period of time was more dire than the disappearance of Natalie Holloway? We were being warned that we were going to have to live without fruit and honey for the rest of our lives! What ever happened to all that?


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