Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm Back....Again...and With Nothing Substantial

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. My summer hibernation is ending, and I feel renergized! That doesn't necessarily mean that I have anything to write about, however. So I thought I would send you a sampling of the random pictures I've taked with my camera phone over the past few months. I cleaned these out last night and realized that individually they're pretty random, but if you link them all together you get a scary insight into what I find interesting. Here goes...

This funky lady caught my eye as I was headed up to Tenlytown on the Metro one Sunday afternoon to waste a lot of money on plastic storage bins at The Container Store. I've never seen anyone so content to just exist. I slyly took this shot as she subtly grooved to one of her many Lionel Ritchie songs (she was humming part of "All Night Long"). We should all be as content.

What you can't read here is the scale at the check-in counter for United Airlines at LAX. The scale reads exactly 50.0 lbs. This was a triumph for me because the same suitcase weighed 58.0 lbs when I left Washington. After some creative repackaging and the realization that my carry-on luggage was just going to have to get bigger, I solved the problem. I was NOT paying that $25 both ways.

I still don't know what I took this picture.

This guy had a bad Sunday morning. If you can't tell from the picture, somehow this tree was destroyed and fell ON TOP of the VW. Can anyone tell me how this happened. On Q Street, no less?